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Hi and welcome I started Unitedbattlezone in 2010 as a Call of Duty clan. Since its reform in late 2019 I have started streaming on Twitch with Modern Warfare 2019 and older releases. I hope to provide some awesome Twitch content for you all to enjoy. Check out the VOD’s and highlights below. Help me grow by following on Twitch and YouTube. and why not join Unitedbattlezone if you are looking for a group to play with.

See you in game MajorLewis.

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Unitedbattlezone will be holding a MW2 event on Sunday 2nd of Feb from 20:00. Everyone is invited. check: www.unitedbattlezone.com for more information.

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My merch store is now live

Hi all, My new merch store is now live check it out via the link below: https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/majorlewis

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Welcome to the new website

Hello, Welcome to my new website, I am currently updating and adding new features. Check back here regularly for updates.

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